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Can help to get rid of old injuries, to recover mobility and flexibility. Body stiffness is our speciality.

Mayan culture was vast in their knowledge, from observation of stars and prediction of natural phenomena, to use of zero and arquitecture.


Mayans were amazing physicians,  it's well known that they were able to do heart and brain surgeries. 

  Medicine-men were the ones in charge o manipulation of bones, muscles, tendons and nerves among other specialties.

Unfortunately with time , part of that knowledge was lost, some of the codes were burn by the Spaniards 500 years ago.

They way of preserving this knowledge was passing it from generation to generation and it takes time from the Medicine-man to train properly to their students as this was/is the way they heal each others in their communities. To be selected as a Medicine-man  is a sacred duty and a honor.


 Ricardo Goni suffered from a back injury more than 20 years ago, he was almost physically impaired. Ricardo started treatment and advice from the Traditional Mayan Healers of the Mountains in Chiapas, Mexico. Ricardo noticed great benefit as a result of this and he also understood that all the different traditional healers had bits of an Ancient technique that was lost through time and distance.

Ricardo gathered the Mayan Technique with permission of the Mayan elderlies, now   he practice and promotes this Ancient  Mayan technique which can be explained as a  potent deep tissue massage, that also helps to put bones and tendons into to the original/natural position, relieving users from tendinitis, hip problems, old injuries, chronic pains and more.​


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