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If you are going to have a Mayan Massage, please, read this terms and conditions, and fill the form at the end of this page.

Understanding Mayan Massage

It is important for you to understand that Mayan Massage is an ancient technique, for that, is based in traditions collected from one to another generation in a specific part of the World, in this case, the South of Mexico.

What is Mayan Massage.

Technically speaking, Mayan Massage is a set of movements, that allow the service user to relief physical pain or physical tension. Mayan Massage is a strong massage that you could compare to a sports massage, there's going to be times during the massage on which you may feel your muscles  stretching or even physical pain.  You need to inform the masseur when is too much for you and your body and then the masseur will moderate the movements strength, it is important to work together, always looking after your well-being

What is not Mayan Massage.

Mayan Massage is not a medical treatment, not osteopathy or physiotherapy, it doesn't replace pain killers, medication,  or doctor's advice.  If you have a major injury or in constant and major pain, we strongly recommend to see your GP Surgery doctor or a medical specialist before having a Mayan Massage and ask for your doctor's advice for them to consider if it's safe or not to have a massage with this characteristics.

Mayan Massage is not a soft, only relaxing massage, you can of course, ask the therapist to be gentle if that's what you want, the masseur always says at the beginning of the massage "if you feel the massage to soft or to strong, please let me know, also, if you feel anything that doesn't feels right, please let me know", meaning, that you can always regulate the pressure of the treatment and it's also your responsibility to look after yourself and your body, you know yourself better and it's important to know and inform others about your physical limits. Mayan Massage is not going to be more effective if it's more painful.

It is expected that you will feel the benefit of the Mayan Massage after the session, soreness can be expected the next day, we recommend you to take it easy and leave the body to recover, not more than one day is expected for you to feel soreness, if there is constant pain after the massage, we recommend you to see a doctor or medical specialist.

Before having a Mayan Massage.

Please read, process and understand this information if you are going to have a Mayan Massage and if you have questions, please ask, it is important for you to understand what are the benefits and limits of Mayan Massage.

Please, inform the masseur what are the areas he need to focus on, and if you have or had physical injuries that he need to be aware of, if there's movements he shouldn't do, parts of your body he should  touch or manipulate, also any information about your skin,  physical or mental health that you consider it may be important to mention.

Your well-being, safety is first for us, so if you have paid in advance for your treatment but you decided is not the best for you, let us know and we will reimburse your money.

After having a Mayan Massage

Taking care of yourself is important before, during and after having a Mayan Massage, this are some ideas we ask you to consider for the after treatment:

Relax; this may sound obvious, specially after experiencing a massage, truth is, many of us, run back to our busy life just after having a massage.This is not the best for your body, in fact, it can be  detrimental to your physical wellbeing. Try to slow down and allow your body to adapt to a different pace for at least 2 days.

Body awareness; some people have experienced soreness  in specific body areas or general, this  may  be due the Massage you just had, combined with miss-using body (like carrying heavy weight just with one shoulder, bending your back but not knees when about to carry heavy weight, etc.). Being in a constant state of alert tenses your muscles and stretching and moving parts of your body that you haven't moved in a while can create this sense of body soreness. Try to use your body differently, with self awareness, observe how does it feel when you move in certain ways, does it hurts?, is it pleasant? how can you use your body in a better way?

Self-care; relaxing teas, natural body essences like lavender, salt baths, a walk in nature, silence, meditation, writing your after experience, reflecting on how can you keep you on a healthier life path, can be great helpers to your massage assimilation. As this is a sensory experience, trauma from the past or PTSD could be triggered, if this is the case,  we recommend you to talk to your counsellor, if you don't have one and you feel the need, book a session with one.

External to you; after aligning your body with a Mayan Massage session, things your use  for rest, sleep, walk may feel different, for example, shoes, chairs, couches, pillows, bed, etc. if they feel uncomfortable, it may be a good time to explore and change it. We always encourage people to express themselves and to feel comfortable, but again, you are the expert on yourself, professionals always help.

Western medicine; if you feel inclined and that you need to, speak to your GP, doctor, physiotherapist, we always encourage people to look after themselves and to integrate different approaches of well-being, it's all there for your better quality of life.

Terms and conditions Declaration

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If there is something you need to tell us about your physical or mental health, please fill our intake form and talk to the therapist before the session.

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