In 2002, I  met my 2 principal teachers in Chiapas, Mexico, Don Lauro de la Cruz and Eduardo Barba, two Iloles (grandfathers/guardians) of the Mayan tradition, they teach me how to see the vital energy and move it when stagnant, by aligning myself with my ancestors and the space, my  body flows with my client's, making the Mayan Massage  a dance between the stagnant and the energy flow.

I lived for 8 years in Mayan territory,  learning from other great indigenous masters in the flow energy and body alignment, creating in 2012 my own version of all those teachings, because I learn directly from the Mayan guardians, the name of my massage is Mayan Massage.

I  opened "Vom Pui  (drum/heart) Therapeutic Center" in Leon, Mexico in 2015, it evolved in "La Casa del Alma" (Soul's House), on which therapists from Germany, Chile, Guatemala and Mexico give individual therapies and workshops. Facebook; La Casa del Alma.


In 2012 I started a peace journey around the world with the blessing of the Mayan Council to help to protect and share the ancient traditions of Meso-America.



Can help to get rid of old injuries, to recover mobility and flexibility. Body stiffness is our speciality.