Bachelor in Law. Universidad Iberoamericana. Leon, Mexico.

Master degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy. Integro. Leon, Mexico.

Medical Biomagnetism, Universidad Autonoma Chapingo, Mexico.

Specialty in Music therapy. Mexican Institute of Humanistic Musictherapy. Mexico.

Specialty in Bioenergetic and Psycho-Corporeal Therapy. INCORPORE. D.F. Mexico.


I am a lawyer by profession, at one point I decided that the law was not for me. I discovered Gestalt therapy.


Gestalt psychotherapy changed my life, the deep process took me into a transpersonal journey, understanding that body and mind have an intimate relationship and they reflect each other.  Thoughts, memories and emotions  are showed in physical postures, shapes, illnesses, temperatures, contractures, pains, etc.



I met my 2 principal teachers of Mayan Massage, Don Lauro de la Cruz and Eduardo Barba, two Iloles (grandfathers/guardians) of the Mayan tradition, they teach me how to work with the bio-energy of the body, how to see and move the stagnant energy by manipulating the patient's body, also what movements and rhythms are adequate for  each person.

I  opened "Vom Pui  (drum/heart) Therapeutic Center" in Leon, Mexico, that clinic is called now "La Casa del Alma" (Soul's House) and therapists from Germany, Chile, Guatemala and Mexico give individual therapies and workshops. Facebook; La Casa del Alma.

I moved to the south of Mexico (Chiapas) to learn directly from the Mayan culture and their heritage.


I also received the gift of healing from the Amazons through the Shipibo tradition and Hernan Campos Yopan.


In 2012 I started a peace journey around the world with the blessing of the Mayan Council to help to protect and expand the ancient traditions of Native America.